• Dian Utama Pratiwi Putri


The maternal mortality ratio (MMR) in the distric of Bandar Lampung fluctuated during the
years 2009-2014 and in 2012 maternal mortality recorded a maximum of 26 cases. In the year
of 2013 an increase of maternal mortality drastic into 30 cases and at 2014 an increase 34
cases. Proximate cause of maternal mortality because eclampsia (11 cases), bleeding (5
cases), infection (1 case) and 13 case of dead and other causes (heart disease, diabetes, mental
disorders amniotic fluid embolism, hepatitis and KET). The aim of this research for known
related factors with maternal mortality in distric of Bandar Lampung at 2014. This research
using quantitative approach with case control design study conducted at February 2016.
Sample of this research as much as 34 cases and 68 controls, taking sampling technique by
purposive sampling. The form of data analysis are univariate analysis, bivariate, and
multivariate analyzes. This research results obtainable respondents by birth attendants, the
majority respondents are birth attendant health workers equal to 93 (91.2%), thhis research
results show that significant relation between maternal mortality by eclampsia (p value =
0.000, OR = 29.4), bleedings (p value = 0.000, OR = 9.37, antenatal cares (p value = 0.000,
OR = 25.84), t), ages (p value = 5.9, OR = 5, 9), no significant relations with the incidence of
maternal mortality happens are factors infection (p value = 0.018, OR = 3.58), birth
attendants (p value = 0.000, 0R = 9.37), childbirth clinic (p value = 0.173, OR = 2.7), parity
(p value = 0.523, OR = 1.36 that antenatal cares dominant factors. Based on the research
results recommended for public health Office in Bandar Lampung to hold tracking maternal
mortality each years or semester to obtaining exact data about the infant dead causes of infant
deaths from such tracking is evaluated and becomes material handling recommendation and
prevention of maternal mortality to know the right steps to address the causes were found.

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